The Best Country Remixer in the United States is Barry Carew -CMT Music Awards 2013

BARRY CAREW??? A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock & Roll, A Little Electro...

A saying that was coined for Barry Carew to explain the amazing diversity of this world class DJ.

As a entertainer Barry Carew has performed with the biggest names in the business. Not only doing some of the worlds largest events and festivals, but also working with some of the largest companies in the industry as a official Dj or Host.

Barry Carew has been involved In every aspect of the entertainment business for the last 15 years. His resume runs deep into the heart of all music genres, his relationship with artists and producers is no less than astonishing.

As a music innovator Barry Carew has pushed the boundaries of a traditional turntable style DJ and Remixer while embracing his deep "Southern Roots". Meaning taking traditional rock songs and fusing them with electronic sounds or modern country songs with hip hop sounding drum lines. Barry Carew even mixing classic ballads of all styles with this modern and unique styles of mash-up sounds.

As a Emcee and Host you will not find a more energetic or fun person on the microphone, keeping the crowd involved in every aspect of a event! Barry Carew has taken the stage in arenas, clubs, and festivals that most DJ's can only dream about, and even with a resume miles long he is still a humble, approachable, and respectful young man.

Barry Carew's signature "Country / Rock / Dance" format is the key element that makes him so appealing to the Modern Country Party Goer. This one of a kind style and musical idea was developed over years of trial and error. The refined and finished product will be on display anytime Barry Carew steps up to the turntables or microphone on the all new "BARRY CAREW TAILGATES DROP TOUR". Performing weekly! Barry Carew is a must see!

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