Barry Carew. Also known as "WHO THE HELL IS BARRY CAREW"! He is a prolific staple in the upper class of celebrity DJ's. Why you might ask? Barry Carew Hosts and DJ's some of the Worlds Largest Sporting Events, Concert Series, and Festivals. His Nightclub resume is on par with some of the biggest DJ's in the world. His demeanor is humble /friendly yet his delivery is commanding and fun! Barry Carew is one of the most sought after DJ's in the corporate DJ market as well. Professionally hosting and playing to fortune 100 companies, celebrity athletes, celebrity weddings, and celebrity music related events world wide. Barry Carew was once listed as a Celebrity among Celebrities by Hollywood Insider. Yet remains a staple in the Downtown Austin, Texas Music Scene and the Central Florida Event circuit. Barry Carew is a top tear producer and remixer that has featured and consulted major artists to influence new sounds or styles. Barry Carew is a true industry TASTEMAKER.



Barry Carew & Drake

Find out more about my music style and listen to an audio sample. Or feel free to grab a whole mix. Your download and sharing of my mixes is your biggest compliment. All my mixes are 100% live so you never get something I cant perform live. So many "New" DJs use programs to edit and alter the mix CDs they put out and then when you hear them in the club they suck. That is why I keep it all the way live! So enjoy! 

The Music of DJ BARRY CAREW  

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Barry Carew Live On Red Cup Radio (DASH RADIO)

So many people have tried to hope on the Country Music bandwagon. But Barry Carew has been considered one of the biggest DJ's in country music driving the country music freight train! Barry Carew has been one of the biggest touring DJ's in Country Music for the last 6 years. Not only remixing country music live on some of the biggest tours in country music, but creating remixes that are played in every country music bar and nightclub in the world. Barry Carew is also now featured weekly on DASH RADIO! So Listen in weekly! Or catch him on a country tour or club near you! Barry Carew of Mixin Dixie! 

Barry Carew Rocking The Masses

Thanks for visiting the new website, please share the site with your friends and "LIKE" me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter. Thank you for your support. I never thought playing music would lead to so many great supporters and would take me to all corners of the world. If you ever see the smile on my face while I am performing for you, its because this truely makes me happy! Your support makes me happy, I couldnt do it without you all, even the haters ;) So enjoy and share! Your Friend -BARRY CAREW

Barry Carew can not be described in one paragraph! His unique blend of music has landed him in most of the worlds greatest clubs and events. His unprecedented style of DJ meets M.C commands any party goer to throw their hands in the air and scream to the top of their lungs! Barry Carew is a World Touring DJ, Producer, Event Host, Emcee, and Song Writer. So get ready as this world class music tastemaker takes over the turntables in a club or festival near you!